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“Memory Hooks” are short and concise so they can be easily recalled and easily spoken.

  • – If you have to take a breath, it’s too long.
  • – If yours can’t be remembered 2 minutes (or two weeks) after hearing it, it’s too complicated.
  • – If it has a “lead in” phrase it helps your chapter members say it along with you.

I always remember a whole slew of Memory Hooks from my chapter members because each is clear, concise, clever, or a combination of these three “C”s

  • – “Friends Don’t Let Friends Rent”
  • – “Let Me be Paranoid For You”
  • – “I Make Taxes Less Taxing”
  • – …when you work with me, “You Have Nothing to Lose But Your Writer’s Block”
  • – …every business has a personality, “And I Can Help Yours Get Noticed”
  • – “Taking the Gifted From Good to Great”

Marc Silverman is a web developer, Director Consultant for Manhattan BNI, and a member of Manhattan BNI Chapter 7 ( https://manhattanbni11.com ). His Memory Hook is, “Your Web Site IS Your Business Partner.”